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    The D2 distalizing appliance was developed to simplify treatment of Class II cases during the initial stage of treatment.  The patented D2 design treats to a Class I platform by the intraoral elastic forces.  Molars are distally rotated into their desired position.  Take advantage of early treatment patient cooperation.  Brackets can be placed during or after the Class I correction is completed.

    4 Easy Steps:

    • Etch and prep teeth to be bonded.  Bond Posterior Component.
    • Mark and cut wire bar to determined length.
    • Slide anterior component onto wire bar and bond to tooth.
    • Apply elastic forces.

    Elastic Forces:

    • Level 1 Clear - 1/4" 6 1/2oz    #A350-313
    • Level 2 Clear - 1/4" 8 1/2oz    #A350-314

    Kit includes: Set of 2 arms - Clear Pad on Cuspid