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      Patient Waiting Room Educational Material.

      This 24 page Booklet, written by Dr Robert Jankelson,  is designed to educate patients for major restorations such as smile makeover or pain cases.  It is written in simple terms that the patient can understand.  The better they understand their circumstances, the role of occlusion and the importance of treatment, the more likely they are to make the necessary investment in their health.

      - The basics of occlusion, including Neuromuscular aspects.
      - The role of the muscles and joints.
      - The postural aspects of occlusion.
      - What can happen if the bite is not right.
      - Pain and Dysfunction associated with the bite.
      - How the Neuromuscular Dentist goes about evaluating occlusion.
      - How true muscle relaxation is achieved.
      - Objectively recording a Neuromuscular Bite.
      - The importance of the correct bite in various dental procedures.
      - Advanced evaluation aids.

      Pack of 10.