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In developing nickel-free Beta Titanium alloy for CNA Beta III, Ortho Organizers paid special attention to surface condition.  A smooth wire surface is essential for good sliding mechanics and excellent bend performance.  Poor surface finish has always been a characteristic of Beta Titanium alloys until the introduction of CNA Beta III.

Clinical Benefits:

CNA BETA III is a nickel-free orthodontic alloy that is safe for use with nickel-sensitive patient

  • Larger activation range than stainless steel.
  • Better bend performance than stainless steel.
  • Gentle force delivery with larger archwire sizes.
  • Moderate stiffness for root correction.
  • Formability allows for intricate loop designs.
  • Fill bracket slots earlier and correct torque.

CNA Beta III provides moderate stiffness and approximately half the tooth-moving force of Stainless Steel, yet can handle twice the bend/activation of stainless with no permanent deformation.

D-LX (comparable to Damon) Arch Shape and is packaged in our colour-coded boxes.  In addition, D-LX Archwires are individually packaged in convenient autoclavable pouches and require less inventory because their universal shape can be used in both the maxillary and mandibular arches.

Pack of 10.