Product code: [103-109]

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Single Pack Archwire System - These archwires are individually packaged and sealed for patient protection against cross contamination. Packages can be autoclaved for additional protection if desired.  These Torqued archwires should be placed in the upper arch with the I.D mark facing gingival, and in the lower arch the I.D mark facing occlusally.

Excellent for adding additional torque in the anterior segment. We take our Pro Form Nitanium archwire and add 20 degrees of torque in the anterior segment, introducing torque in the upper centrals and laterals. The lower torqued archwires allow the lower anteriors to be negatively torqued to help compensate for the rebound factor after the archwire is removed.


  • Provides 20 degrees of anterior torque.

  • Three anterior torque segment widths available.

  • Early introduction of torque in upper centrals and laterals.

  • Provides uprighting torque in the lower anterior segment.

  • Labial or lingual torque forces available by reversing wire orientation.

  • ProForm Arch Shape.

Pack of 5.