Product code: [100-765]

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Thermal Bio-Kinetix Nitanium RCS Archwires are heat-activated archwires with shape-memory. These archwires are soft at room temperature for easy ligation and then become fully active in the mouth. The gentle forces remain consistent throughout placement so that placement of the archwire is noticeably more comfortable for the patient. In addition, the superb flexibility reduces the chances for the debonding of the brackets. Thermal Bio-Kinetix Archwires are available in the standard Nitanium RCS shape that has a moderate radius, and a deeper rocking-chair radius.

Reverse Curve of Spee (RCS) Archwires are best suited for:

  • Preventing molar tipping and rotations.

  • Maintaining anterior torque.

  • Initial leveling and aligning.

  • Arch consolidation and expansion.

  • Deep and open bite correction.

  • Retraction of flared, protruding incisors.

10 per pack.