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    • Distinctive tie wing design accommodates ligatures & chain elastic (when necessary).

    • Low friction, four wall slot design.  

    • Beveled archwire slots reduce friction & enhance sliding mechanics.  

    • Smooth surface & low profile design enhance patient comfort.

    • Easy opening & closing click fit locking door.

    • NuStar are a Passive Self Ligating Bracket System.

    The easy opening gate design allows for quick, easy and time saving wire changes when compared to conventional brackets.  Simply open the gate by twisting the opening instrument 90 degrees, engage the wire and then slide the gate closed with your finger.

    Buy: (Price includes a 30% Discount on Brackets)

    5 x sets NuStar Passive Self Ligating (MBT) Brackets - Hooks on 3's; 4's and 5's Upper & Lower.  

    and Receive FREE

    1 x  (Pack 10) Maestro  UR 6  -10 T  #911-305DB-10.
    1 x  (Pack 10) Maestro  UL 6   -10 T  #911-306DB-10.
    1 x  (Pack 10) Maestro  LR 6   -10 T  #911-357DB-10.
    1 x  (Pack 10) Maestro  LL 6    -10 T  #911-358DB-10.
    1 x  NuStar Easy Opening Instrument  #A800-126
    1 x  Mew Indicator Rulers (10)  #JM100-000