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    Engineered to partner seamlessly with the MOTION 3D™ Appliances, the MOTION 3D Sidekick™ Bondable Hook further simplifies the Sagittal First treatment philosophy. 

    The Sidekick Hook can be used with both MOTION 3D Class II and Class III Appliances.  

    • Bonded to the mesial cusp of first or second molar.

    • Hook should be positioned/orientated along the same line as the MOTION 3D Appliance hook when the patient is biting down.

    • This placement facilitates easy engagement and superior performance of the MOTION 3D Elastics.

    • The MOTION 3D Sidekick bonding procedure is the same as bonding MOTION 3D Appliances and metal brackets.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Easy access eyelets allows for versatility during treatment.

    • Increased surface area using pylon geometry offers superior and proven bond strength.

    • Micro-etched base enhances bond strength.

    • 1-piece MIM manufacturing process delivers superior strength.

    • Adhesive guard rails provide easier flash cleanup.

    • Chamfered edges enable easy debonding from any angle.

    Additional Uses:

    • Impacted teeth.

    • Elastic wear with Clear Aligners.

    • Elastic wear to settle the occlusion.

    • Lingually for cross elastics.

    Pack of 10.