022/045 SBT UL6 32.5 WITH SHEATH -10T

Product code: [119-108036]

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    Upper: .045 Headgear Tube and 022 Buccal Tube with Lingual Sheath  -10 Torque.


    • Made of full tempered material for great elasticity.

    • Occlusal edge strength which prevents deformation.

    • A precise occlusal and gingival fit to avoid cement washout.

    • Accurate and consistent size graduation for an exact fit.

    • Trimmed occlusal and gingival area for minimal interferences.

    • Thinner straight interproximal for reduced separation.

    • Permanent I.D. marks on the mesial side for easy identification.

    • High quality stainless steel which withstands additional pressure of extraoral and intraoral appliances.

    Pack of 1.