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    The Bio-Kinetix Plus Archwire is ideal for early-to-mid stage treatment with moderate to severe crowding. Once the wire is placed, it then reacts to the heat in the patient's mouth and exerts a light, continuous force as it returns to its original shape.

    In addition, the advanced thermal properties found in the archwire display a narrower transformation band from martensite to austenite which gives the archwire a "crisp" response as it moves between "soft" and "stiff" state.

    Features of the Bio-Kinetix Plus archwire:

    • Forces fall directly between Bio-Kinetix Theramlly Activated Nitanium Archwires and Super Elastic Nitanium Archwires.

    • Temperature Transition Range (TTR) = 65 -75 degrees F. (18.3 -23.9 degrees Celsius)

    • Utilizes shape memory and super elastic properties to move teeth.

    • Excellent shape characteristics and resiliency

    • Wire is slightly thermal at room temperature for easy ligation.

    • Responsive to chilling for easier ligation.

    • Has a smooth finish for minimal friction.

    Each archwire is individually packaged in convenient autoclavable pouches and requires less inventory because their Universal Shape can be used in both the Maxillary and Mandibular arches.

    DL-X Shape (Damon Arch Shape)

    Pack of 10.