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    Looking for a great archwire for early-to-mid stage treatment?  The Super Elastic Nitanium Archwire is a perfect choice.  This archwire remains constantly active, reducing the number of archwire changes.  It is fully austenitic at room temperature so that the material is constantly springy, and will immediately return to its original shape after flexing through the bracket slots.

    Due to its high flexibility and resiliency, the archwire completely recovers from bends and deformation of angles up to 45 degrees and even up to 75 degrees in some cases!

    Dimpled 'Notch' reduces archwire Drift and 'Slide-Out'.  Dimpled Nitanium Archwires feature a permanent 'dimpled' centre reference mark that will not rub off like inked marks, and is easy to see in normal office light. Manufactured from super-elastic nickel titanium, these wires reduce wire rotation, prevent 'slide-out' from buccal tubes and eliminate distal wire bends. Upper arch dimples are wider than lower arches for easy identification.

    ProForm Arch Shape.

    Pack of 10.